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Cities and towns of all sizes are struggling to ensure compliance, safety, and efficiency along the curb. Coord makes it easy for you to collect, manage, and share curb data.

Digital curbs are no longer around the corner, they're here.

  • Standardizing curbside assets

  • Translating municipal regulations & codes

  • Enable optimizing curbside accessibility

NOW LIVE: Open Curbs, assisting companies & city agencies in sharing their curb data publicly to improve their communities through an open database license

Win More Bids by Saving Time & Money:

  • Shorter project timelines: 6x faster surveying with accurate augmented reality

  • Visualize & analyze data almost immediately

  • Improve your bottom line

Increase Curb Productivity:

  • Share curb regulations map

  • Support data-driven policy adjustments

  • Manage curb assets more efficiently

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Connect to curb data

  • Optimize fleet management

  • Add predictability to trips

  • Improved safety for drivers & passengers


Covering ground & collecting data faster than ever:

  • No special hardware with extensive training protocols

  • 6x faster than traditional methods

  • Augmented reality for improved accuracy

  • Collect data in a standardized format 

Having a complete picture of the current designations of our district's curbs helps us prepare for the future that is already here. By this I mean the immense pressure that we have to convert our curbs into dynamic spaces that serve multiple uses at different times of the day. 

-Hector Soliman-Valdez, Mobility Manager for Downtown Santa Monica 

See the Data

Coord's Curb Explorer shows detailed curb regulations we have generated for cities like New York, LA, San Francisco, and DC



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