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Coord makes it easy to analyze, share, and collect curb data. Curbside management now includes better compliance, safety, and efficiency for communities of all sizes.

Get ahead of the curb.

The Digital Curb


Instantly access real-time curbside regulations


Address community needs and improve compliance by planning for variable uses of curbside real estate.


Improve efficiencies and safety for drivers and capitalize on curb space for multi-use options

Tools for Curbside Management 

Analyze and collect curbside data to easily share across teams, agencies, and communities.

API for Developers

Intelligent curbside regulations for mobility and logistics companies or apps.

Some of our valued users:

Experience digital curbs for yourself.

Try our Curb Explorer tool and see an example of how we provide curb regulation data for San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Having a complete picture of the current designations of our district's curbs helps us prepare for the future that is already here. By this I mean the immense pressure that we have to convert our curbs into dynamic spaces that serve multiple uses at different times of the day. 

-Hector Soliman-Valdez, Mobility Manager

Read how Coord is changing mobility:

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Read our latest thoughts about curbs, technology, and more.

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